Friday, November 03, 2006

The hardest part of blogging?

My vote goes to coming up with a title.

I like strikker's goal of posting one new FO a month. In October I had Fetching, Ragamittens and a Kitty Pi. All little projects, but FOs nonetheless.

This month will be the Cowltop. Its now a Cowlblob, see?

Arthur says, "My blob!"

Tonight is unadulterated knitting and tv-watching (and martini drinking) night, so hopefully I'll lhave lots of good progress to show tomorrow. I'm only working on about 80 stitches, so it should go quickly once I get rolling.


Blogger Betty said...

I agree that coming up with a clever title is the most difficult part.

I just taught my coworker friend how to knit. She is doing really well. Her stitches look a lot better than mine did on my first project.

9:07 AM  

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