Friday, October 06, 2006

I like to knit while I drink my coffee in the mornings before work, but I often forget that I enjoy that so much.

Its a nice little treat to start the day.

Current Knitting

I started Licorice Whip five more times at Sit and Knit at the shop and took it out all the times. I'm getting mixed up somewhere early on. I'm going to let it rest a bit more and then next time if I'm still mixed up I think I'll keep going. Maybe I just *think* I'm mixed up?

I have Kitty Pi as a backup project going too. I think I have a bit of mohair boucle that will coordinate, and if I do I'll add that around the top in place of the fun fur. My cats and I aren't really fun fur types. I'd like to finish it tonight and felt it this weekend.

Future Plans

Ragamuffins and Jo Sharp Mount Olive socks are going to be backup projects while I finish
and then Ariann from Chicknits which I plan to knit in
Cascade 220 in a nice deep brown (number 7822 I believe.)


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