Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Uh oh

The pressure's on.

SO! uhm... what's new?

I'm looking forward to my potato-leek soup for lunch.

Maybe I should have bought the book after all.

I've slowed down alot on my cowltop since dividing for the armholes. I think I'll get back in the groove easily. The body was worked in the round and now the back is still on the needles while I work the front straight. How clever is that?

I'm having a friend over for a knitting lesson tonight and suggested a gaiter as a first project. It'll be as simple as a scarf but so much quicker to complete. I know I never finished my first scarf. Plus she's a runner, so it might come in handy this winter. Oh! or feline dim sum for her buddy. I even have fresh catnip she can stuff it with.


Blogger Betty said...

You find the most interesting websites! I like the tshirt they are selling below the book. :laugh:

3:21 PM  
Blogger pd said...

Did you see her website, That's right up your alley. ;-)

8:04 AM  

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