Saturday, November 03, 2007

Project Monogamy

Why is it such a challenge to stick with one thing until it's done?

I'm working on Ariann and realized I needed new needles for the sleeves. Since I couldn't get to the yarn store that day, I cast on for some Grass and finished a front and about half a back while watching The Shining on Wednesday night. Then Thursday I got the new needles and some yarn* for that Drops jacket that I saw here. Thursday night I didn't knit a bit, since I didn't want to cheat on my project but wanted to cast on with that new yarn for a new project.

I'm back to Ariann as of last night, a couple rows into the first sleeve, but its hard to be good.

*I had a really hard time choosing between "spice" and "oregano." I loved the oregano but decided a I need a red sweater more than I need a new green one, and that I didn't want to copy Pamela's so much, even though its gorgeous and if mine turns out half as lovely I'll die of joy and be buried in it.


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